I’ve dipped in and out of beer for most of my drinking life but a trip to The Powder Keg in Clapham in 2013 started my obsession with the then newly emerging microbrewing scene in London. The turning point was when my friend and I were served our last beer of the night and the waiter recommended an IPA (the beer style responsible for influencing the name of this blog) from Partizan Brewing. It was so delicious that for the first time in my life, I was compelled to take a trip down to a London brewery. So that I did and continued to frequent Partizan Brewing for most Saturdays of that summer, discovering beers I’d never had before such as Grisettes, Saisons, Porters and Milds.

The definition of craft beer is still being debated and cringed over but for me it means a chance to regularly taste a range of diverse and interesting beers from smaller breweries, some of which you may never taste again and others fortunately you will.

So really the aim of my blog is to tell you about my beery adventures, in London mostly but I always seek out a good brewery or taproom wherever I am so that will sometimes be further afield too. I hope you enjoy and any feedback most welcome.

Wylam Brewery Double Jakehead IPA


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