When I started this blog I did so with a fair amount of patriotism knowing that the term ‘craft beer’ had been owned by the Americans for some time. Let’s not forget however that many of these beer types originated in England, ale, porters and stouts specifically. That said the Americans and in this case the Californians definitely know what they are doing and I only wish that I had had time to work my way through the entire menu at 99 Bottles in Santa Cruz or the menu in 21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco. We all know that Americans can do great IPAs, I’m more on the hoppy side than the malty but can still appreciate the flavours of both but it was the porters that really did it for me. It was a close call between Black Butte Porter by Deschutes Brewery and Back in Black by 21st amendment, the latter sold in a can a trend which is starting to creep in over here. I’d been told it was because it lets in less light which may affect the taste but whatever it was Back in Black won for me. It had a slightly more lasting flavour as the Black Butter is slightly milder but both stunning. Third place, Tricerahops, a Double IPA from Ninkasi Brewery. Full list below-

Back in Black- 21st Amendment Brewery (Black IPA 6.8% ABV)

Black Butte- Deschutes Brewery (Porter 5.2% ABV)

Tricerahops- Ninkasi Brewing (Double India Pale Ale 8.8% ABV)

Pranqster- North Coast Brewing (Belgian Style Golden Ale 7.6% ABV)

Uncle Dave’s Rye IPA- Discretion Brewing (Rye IPA 7% ABV)

IPA- buycbdproducts Brewing Company (IPA 6.2% ABV)