By now if you drink beer and go to more than one pub and whether  you are into it or not, you should have heard of craft beer and whether the term annoys you or not it would be hard to have missed the increased use of it in London in the  four months since I started this blog. Bloggers, the media, pubs, restaurants brewers have all turned their attention towards the growing trend and as is the case with anything gaining popularity, it has been to its advantage and disadvantage. Inaccurate BBC articles…pubs claiming they specialise in craft beer when the most ‘exotic’ beer they have is Peroni  breweries opening in the south west of London jumping on the bandwagon and quickly falling off. But if you ignore all that and separate out the good from the bad you’ll find some pretty bloody good beer and much to my delight more and more places that do genuinely serve it. Craft Beer fits in very well with a more and more organic conscious London as it’s local and home grown but which also makes it expensive and therefore seem exclusive which is understandably off putting. On the plus side But you can avoid the ridiculous £7 a bottle prices by heading straight to the source. For example if you visit the Bermondsey beer mile I don’t actually know if it’s a mile it just sounds good, you can get pissed for a tenner (or in my case £2.50).Why would you go for a beer that costs £5 a pint or bottle when you can get a decent lager for less. Even though I have what is known as disposable income I can’t justify spending £5 and up on a bottle of beer on a night out Now as much as I love the stuff I find it hard to justify forking out £5-10 for a bottle of beer but to get around this you can go straight to the source. For example if you visit the Bermondsey beer mile I don’t actually know if it’s a mile it just sounds good, you can get pissed for a tenner (or in my case £2.50). As well as two temples of craft beer The Craft Beer Co and Brewdog opening new bars in London (the latter of which has a phenomenal 40 taps) several new London breweries have opened up in the last four months and two in Bermondsey alone brining the total number in the area to five and yes all independent.  Craft Beer has also been credited with getting more women interested in drinking beer,  whether this is because it is thought that women don’t like to drink from pint glasses so a little bottle is more respectable. Working in  central London you’ll still see more women with a wine glass than a pint glass. But it’s not all about looks let’s face it sometimes a pint is just too much and as the average of all craft beer seems to be about 7% so if you want to get pissed you might as well hit the bottles. you’lalthough this isn’t considered very manly as I’ve learnt from drinking with male friends a guy will more times than not prefer a pint glass to hold. .As an example Opinions are of course divided. Some think that it is overpriced nonsense along with anything else that is organic and therefore more expensive. Things that put people off, price, ale, bottles. Some think that ale is ale no matter how much you dress it up and cannot be swayed from conventional lager. There is also a stigma attached to drinking out of a bottle which is considered quite unmanly which may be one of the reasons why craft beer is considered more appealing to women. However it cannot be denied that interest and consumption has increased. 

Some Americans are appalled that England would dare to suggest that there is a craft beer movement going on as to be honest we are far behind them in terms of availability affordability but in my opinion not in quality.  As with anything you will find a couple of

Cask ale, people saying they can’t drink it all night

Equity Punk, craft beer map
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The Rise of Craft Beer in London

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